Way To Shower Without Ruining Your Makeup

Makeup is the most necessary thing in every girl’s life. Nowadays every girl/ woman wants to look beautiful and feel great no matter what the event is.

Both working women and housewives like to put all their efforts to look great and beautiful. There are many cosmetic products are available in the market for all kinds of makeup, whether it is simple or grand makeup, it is important to have some necessary cosmetic items to do makeup.

By using some basic makeup tips and tricks, it is very easy to do some simple makeup on your own in your free time.

And if you are a beginner or a teenager, then you can learn the makeup tutorials by watching many YouTube videos, makeup tutorials, and many makeup’s related blogs.

Protect your makeup from a shower

Simple and neat makeup makes you really look beautiful and shine. After learning all the makeup basics, you can start doing makeup on your own.

By applying all the makeup products in your face and ready for a party or function at that time if some unfortunate situations come to take a shower bath, then it will be really a sad moment for you.

But it is actually possible to shower without ruining your makeup if you follow the below steps:

  • makeupAlways prefer to use waterproof branded makeup products, so your makeup won’t ruin even if you take shower also.
  • Make your showerhead to turn your back and waterfalls on your back from the shower and it may avoid to your face and can protect your makeup.
  • Go for a cold shower which may not cause more damage on your skin since hot shower unclogs skin pores and entire makeup will collapse by moisturizing the skin.
  • Try to have primer and setting sprays always with you and these are made to keep your makeup intact while shower. So, it is must to have a backup

Also, you can wash your hair without affecting your makeup. It can be done in many ways, just by using a plastic shower hose which has a showerhead at the end and connect it to your tap then you can just bend your head and wash your hair.

You can wash hair without getting face wet by just turning the shower tap on low, you can bend your head back and can wash your hair.